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We offer vintage movie memorabilia, photography, collectible books and oddities, and speciality printing and framing.

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In the following sections, you can choose where you'd like to go next. Explore the growing stock of vintage movie paper, original works of photography, first edition books and more!

Pan's Labyrinth poster image depicting faun cradling Ofelia

Vintage Movie Posters

From Theater to Home Theater

We are working to list our entire inventory of rare movie paper including onesheets, quads, and various large format posters. Click the button below and check out our progress!

Information on Poster Grading and Collecting

Who Collects Movie Paper?

View the Posters!

More information to come about collecting vintage movie paper. The site presently has onesheets from several countries. To be added are folded onesheets, bus shelters, large French posters, lobby cards, Japanese B5 chirashi and some other nice pieces!

A picture of a penumbral moonrise over Hollywood Beach Florida during the blue hour.

Distinctive Photography

Original Works by Holiday Russell

Holiday has been taking pictures since he was a child with his first Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. Now he shoots a variety of gear, both digital and film, with a distinct focus on infrared photography.

Learn about Holiday's Photography

What's in Holiday's Bag? 

View the Images!

There is a lot more that goes into photography, most importantly what I call the Photographer's Mindset and Heart Space. Much of my own journey will be included here!

A picture of books on a shelf.

Collectable Books

More for the Eye to See

We are beginning to list our extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction collectable and first edition books. We love posters, and we also love books about posters! Many are included in this section, along with other collectable and first edition books. Check back often!

Some thoughts on collecting books.

What are First Editions and who cares?

Let's Go!

Overall, ephemera and nostalgic memorabilia are what drives me as a collector. I will share my own odyssey as a collector here, creating a space for others to do the same!

Pan's Labyrinth poster image depicting faun cradling Ofelia

Ephemeral Pieces 

Things Not Intended to Last

Lobby cards, chirashi, pamphlets, brochures, press junkets, small poster advertising pieces and more, these items were intended to be used,  viewed and tossed.

Collectors being who they are, however, some of the good stuff is preserved. As we continue to list new inventory, we hope you will check back often to see what's been added!       

Information on Condition Grading and Collecting

What is Ephemera? 

View the Ephemera!

A picture of a penumbral moonrise over Hollywood Beach Florida during the blue hour.

Art Prints and Originals

Scarce and Unique Items 

Artists have taken to most every kind of media to express their thoughts as works of art. Listed here are a few that we have collected through the years, now offered for sale so they can find a new home in your collection.

 This is the newest section of the site being built out, so check back often as we add to the listing.     

Prints and Originals - What's the Difference? 

How are they Made? 

View the Art!

A picture of books on a shelf.


(Coming Soon!) 

Something for Everyone 

We were collectors long before we started selling things. Eventually, I have heard it said, most of what we collect will be offered up for sale to others, because we can't take any of this with us at the end of our ride.   We hope you find something to add to your collection.

Why Do We Collect? 

What Makes a Collectible Collectable? 

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